“That horse is wearing sneakers” – Person walking by Fira and I on our way to turnout.

Last summer I gave Cavallo Hoof Boots a try. I enjoy keeping Fira barefoot, but I like putting hoof boots on when we are going to be walking on a lot of concrete and I’ve used the boots to help keep bandages in place when treating an abscess. If you’re like me, chances are you’re always searching online for the best supplements and horse products – or maybe I’m just extra. I thought I would share my experience using Cavallo Hoof Boots and my review since I’ve had them for over a year.

I purchased the Cavallo Entry Level regular hoof boot. As it suggests, it’s an entry level boot. It’s a great way to try the boots without buying the most expensive pair first. I followed the measuring tips online and ended up with a size 3, which was a touch too big. The boot seemed to fit fine but would come off in turnout if she cantered or ran, which indicates the size is too big. It does feel like Fira is in-between sizes. After a fresh trim, a size 2 fits like a glove, but at the end of a trim cycle, they are difficult to put on and feel a touch too snug.

I ended up keeping the size 3 because I now use them if she has an abscess that needs to be treated or if I want to do a thrush treatment and leave a boot on in her stall for a bit.

What I use my Cavallo Hoof Boots for

As I mentioned, I like Fira barefoot. At the moment, I use these when I’m hand walking Fira to turnout because I’m on concrete and going down the street for a bit. I usually take the boots off during turnout. I put them on Fira for occasional short rides in the city – think ice cream run at Baskin Robbins or a street ride. I’m happy to give her hooves some cushion and a break from concrete. If I wanted to do longer rides with these boots, I’d purchase the Cavallo Simple Boot or the Trek Boot. These have a bit higher price point – mainly the Simple Boot, but they seem to offer a slimmer fit and less material and bulk which is ideal. I absolutely love having these boots in my tack room and they are perfect for light use. I’ve never experienced any rubbing or irritation from use. I also like to have these right after a trim, if I ever feel like Fira is tender.

Does the Hoof Boot Fit?

It’s pretty easy to measure your horse for a pair of boots. My mistake the first time was sizing up. The hoof boots do have leather in the back towards the heel, which molds to your horse’s hoof over time. Below is the measuring guide from size mini to draft horses. Sizes 0 – 6 are regular sized horse hoof boots.

Fira wears a regular hoof boot and not a slim. A regular is for a horse that has length and width measurements that are fairly equal. The slim sole is for a horse that has a narrower hoof. Slim Sole Boots are recommended for horses whose hooves are oval shapes, meaning noticeably different length and width measurements.

Why I like the Hoof Boots

  • Easy to take on and off. Simple velcro straps are easy to secure and replacements are available.
  • Built-in drainage allows you to cross water and for any debris to drain.
  • Shock absorbing boots support the sole and hoof wall.

Do you have any experience using Cavallo hoof boots?

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