Meet one of Europe’s Oldest Horse Breeds and Join me for a Ride on a Beautiful Friesian Stallion! In this episode I head to the Netherlands to meet four majestic studbook stallions, see the mares and foals, go for a drive in a traditional Friesian carriage and we even meet up with the Royal Society of the Friesian Horse Studbook to learn about the breed!

✨ Featuring: The KFPS Royal Society of the Friesian Horse Studbook, Sabien Zwaga, Hengstenhouderij Gebroeders van Manen, Stal Chardon, Stalhouderij Kruis & Stal de Mersken!

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00:00 Riding Every Horse Breed
00:24 The Friesian Horse
01:08 Heading to Friesland
01:29 Royal Society of the Friesian Horse Studbook
02:24 Meeting Beart 411
03:10 Driving a Sjees with Eise 489
06:30 The story of Wytse 462
09:14 Meeting my Quest Horse
10:11 Friesian Horse Characteristics
11:02 Riding Martzen 521!
13:52 Have you met a Friesian?

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