When you’re out on course — or, indeed, out hacking — your horse’s unique way of seeing the world around him becomes hugely important. It’s a driving factor in what he’ll find scary, and also how (or whether!) he’ll tackle a jump. That means that learning to understand his view, and keep it in mind while you’re riding, is hugely important, because it’ll give you the opportunity to offer him a little extra help.

In the latest online lesson from the Lucinda Green XC Academy, the OG queen of eventing is diving into just this topic — and as always, she’s got some fascinating facts and perspectives that’ll change the way you approach your riding. Happy learning, and Go Eventing!


Simply put, horses need energy.

Energy is traditionally supplied by cereal grains such as oats, corn, and barley. These feedstuffs deliver energy as carbohydrates or starch. But what if you want to supply more energy to your horse without increasing the feed intake? Feeding a fat supplement is an excellent way to achieve this.

Fat is considered a source of “calm” energy and is thought to modify behavior in some horses, making them more tractable. This, in turn, allows horses to focus their energy on work rather than nervousness.

Learn more at https://kppusa.com/2017/10/20/high-energy-advantages/

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