With more than 260 equine breeds in the world, it can be a challenge to narrow the list down to ten of the prettiest horses. After all, every breed of horse has its own appealing qualities.


#10 The Knabstrupper

The Knabstrupper has a unique name to go along with its unique qualities. This is a Danish horse with a spotted white coat. Its spots can be black, brown, or gray. Many people compare the appearance of this horse with the Dalmatian! The spotted patterns of this horse’s coat make it one of the prettiest horses the world over.

#9 The Chocolate Silver Dapple

What an elegant name for one of the prettiest horses on the planet! The Silver in this horse’s name actually describes a gene that occurs in black horses. A horse with this gene passes it along to its foal. Instead of having a black coat, the foal ends up with a dark coat featuring silver dappling. This coloration is not particular to any specific breed of horse; almost any horse can have it. So, Chocolate Silver Dapple horses are found in many places.

#8 The Sorraia Mustang

Sorraia mustangs are native to Portugal. These are rare horses as well as beautiful ones. They have a dun or light brown-gray coat. In addition, they have the unique feature of a black stripe down their back that goes all the way to their ears. This is the reason why some people compare these horses to zebras. The dark brown or black mane and tail of this horse is a lovely sight to see as it blows in the breeze. It’s easy to picture a Sorraia mustang running free across fields and pastures with the rest of its herd.

#7 The Golden Akhal Teke

In the eyes of many horse enthusiasts, the Golden Akhal Teke is the most beautiful horse breed. This horse is native to Turkmenistan. It earns the name Golden horse due to its shining yellowish-gold coat. In the sunshine, its golden coat has a metallic look to it. Another thing that makes this one of the prettiest horses in the world is its eyes. While most horses have brown eyes that are round in shape, a Golden Akhal Teke has almond-shaped eyes in a light blue. In fact, the color of its eyes gives this horse a mysterious air you don’t find in many breeds of horses.

#6 The Marwari

The Marwari is on this most beautiful horse breed list for a couple of reasons. Marwari horses have slender legs and bodies. They can have a black, black, and white, dark brown, bay, or palomino coat. One of their most charming features makes these horses even more attractive. A Marwari horse has the traditional pointed ears, but their ears curve inward at the top. So, you may even see the tips of a Marwari horse’s ears touch above its head. Now that’s a rare quality in even the prettiest horses!

#5 The Appaloosa

These are American horses bred by the Nez Perce people. The Appaloosa is one of the prettiest horses in the world because of its notable markings. Appaloosas are immediately recognizable for the spots and splashes of color on their coat. For instance, you may see a dark brown Appaloosa with white on its hindquarters covered in brown spots. Another Appaloosa may have a silver coat with dark spots scattered all over it.

#4 The Friesian

One of the prettiest horses in the world is also one of the biggest. Friesian horses are tall with a large bone structure. Most Friesian horses have a black coat but can appear to be dark brown when they are going through a shedding period. Their flowing dark mane and tail add to the engaging picture of this horse breed.

#3 The Arabian

The Arabian is a common choice for the most beautiful horse breed. Why? Because of its regal, arched neck, and fine bone structure. When you think of a desert horse, you may even picture an Arabian horse trotting over the sand with its head held high. An Arabian horse can be gray, white, black, chestnut, or bay. They are known for their flowing mane and tail.

#2 The Haflinger

The Haflinger horse breed is from Austria and dates back to the 19th century. This horse has a small yet sturdy build. From the late 1800s to the early 1900s they were used as pack horses hauling along heavy loads. The Haflinger is one of the prettiest horses in the world due to its soft, flaxen-like mane and tail. It has a solid coat in a warm shade of chestnut. Oh, and don’t forget this horse’s sweet brown eyes.

#1 The Andalusian

Along with being the most beautiful horse breed on this list, the Andalusian has a long history. In fact, an image of an Andalusian horse (or one that looks very similar to the breed) was discovered on the wall of a cave. The image is estimated to be at least 20,000 years old! Andalusian horses originated on the Iberian Peninsula. They are named for the Province of Andalusia.

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