I wanted to start off by saying thank you so much to everyone that sent us gifts for the horses. Cory and I are overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!!! We are truly grateful for all of your support!

It has been two weeks since Anna arrived at the farm after being rescued from a kill pen and almost sent to slaughter. She is making great progress. The swelling in her legs is getting better since we have been taking her out for long walks. She is also regaining strength everyday since she is getting the proper nutrition. This video is an update on everything we have been up to this past week.

We have had questions asking if we have an Amazon wish list to help with supplies for the horses. Unfortunately, we do not have a wish list because we purchase all our horse supplies from HF&C Supply Amarillo.

HF&C has offered to help us with anyone wanting to send a gift of Alfa-Pro to the horses. When you call, tell them you are sending a gift to Fletcher Farms Amarillo and they will add those bags to our account. Alfa Pro is $15.75 per 50lb. bag plus tax. WE go through about 2 bags per day to feed all the 7 horses.

Thank you to all of our subscribers for your support, kindness and generosity! We are grateful for everything and don’t know what we would do without your support!

HF&C Supply Amarillo
10410 I-27 Amarillo, TX, 79119

Phone: (806) 622-9800

Mon – Fri: 8AM- 6PM (Central Time)
Saturday: 8AM – 3PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Thank you to HF&C Amarillo for your continued support in helping all of our animals!

Find us on Instagram and Facebook at Fletcher Farms Amarillo

Horse Show Log Book

Horse Show Logbook

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