GMP has been sourcing new police horses to replace ones that will soon be retiring and six new arrivals have now landed from Ireland. We’ll be introducing each of them over the next few days so keep an eye out for these new faces.

They have all been chosen based on GMP’s criteria, which has been set to make sure they are the best fit to develop into a police horse. Most of them are Irish Draughts, as this breed has a great mindset, making them a good fit for the duties of a mounted horse.

The horses are currently in isolation and a team of dedicated staff are making sure they don’t have any infectious diseases, as well as introducing them to some of the training methods they will encounter further down the line.

It takes at least six months to train a new horse at the Mounted branch, before they are able to go out on active duty, so our new recruits have got a bit of work to do before you’ll see them out on the streets of Greater Manchester.

One of GMP’s trainers, Kay Livesey, explains a bit more about why the mounted unit were seeking new horses and what they were looking for when they went across to view them.

If you have a horse that you think may be suitable as a police horse, please email

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