One of my most visceral memories of Burghley 2016 — the first event I ever had press accreditation for, and one I look back on so fondly as a result — is how ungodly the rain was on Saturday. It was wring your hair/top/gloves/notebook out sort of weather, which is obviously exactly what you want when you’re galloping up to the biggest fences in the world. But eventers are nothing if not tough (insane?) and so everyone went out of that startbox with grim determination and game faces firmly in place. One of those competitors? Elisa Wallace, who documented the whole round with Simply Priceless on her hatcam. Go Eventing!

Horse Show Log Book

Horse Show Logbook

Horse Show Log Book: Horse Riding and Halter Log Journal - Keep a Record up to 6 Judges per page - Eventing - Halter - Jumping - Equestrian

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