Amidst all the chatter about next month’s World Championships, I can’t help but feel that all of us have rather overlooked something very exciting indeed — the return of the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for the first time since 2019. This year will also be the first time we see Kentucky course designer Derek diGrazia in charge of the course, which means we’re set for plenty of surprises and, without a doubt, a heaping helping of pure eventing excitement and excellence. I can’t wait to walk up Winners Avenue once again and look at that illustrious row of names that stretches all the way back to the ’60s — and to get myself well and truly buzzing for the world’s beefiest five-star, I’ve been rewatching some of the most epic rounds of the last few years. It feels appropriate, since he’s in the lead here at Haras du Pin at the moment, to share a bit of masterful riding from Michael Jung — so sit back and join me in reliving his exceptional round with La Biosthetique Sam FBW in 2015.

Horse Show Log Book

Horse Show Logbook

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