Today I am erecting a statue in honor of the cursed Horse Centipede, kitbashed from regular ol’ horses. You Know I Had To Do It To Em.

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Check out Ebae Kim’s (designer of the Horse Centipede shirt) comic/illustrated narrative!
Watch @Bill Making Stuff make monsters out of old toys
Watch @North of the Border make excellent “tiny, nerdy things”
Watch @Luke Towan make photorealistic dioramas

Special thanks to @Juke Remix for this use of their Lon Lon Ranch Remix!
Lon Lon Ranch remix:

– – – – –
00:00 – My favorite Sir David Frederick Attenborough clip
00:59 – I’m a horse surgeon, trust me
03:16 – Epona, the Pride of Lon(g) Lon(g) Ranch
04:08 – A nest for the Horse Centipede (base building)
05:30 – Oh wow, a new baby is born?!
06:00 – Upgrading Link to Chain Link
07:47 – Some paint for my darling Longk
08:20 – The Master Spoon
09:01 – Roll the Beauty Shots + Patreon Shoutouts
– – – – –

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Horse Show Logbook

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