Cornelia Dorr and Daytona Beach 8. Photo by Shelby Allen.

With an exciting Young Rider career and kick off as a professional, Cornelia Dorr has had an exciting season, most recently picking up a top 10 finish in the CCIO4* at Avenches in July. We hear Cornelia’s aiming for a little event that begins with a B in September, so we thought it high time to catch up with her as she’s currently based in the UK with McNab Eventing. Cornelia has earmarked this year as an educational opportunity to further her riding and horsemanship.

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Cornelia fills us in on a “normal” day on the yard:

First Things First

Around 6:15, I wake up and first things first – I grab coffee and a light breakfast.

Coffee to kick off the day is a necessity. Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

By 6:45 I’m heading to the car to drive to the yard. Claire, my groom, and I take turns having the car at night, so sometimes she picks me up, and other times I pick her up. We have our cute, bright blue Volkswagen named Darcy! Kevin [McNab] has two flats that everyone on the yard lives in. Claire is in one and I am in the other.

We arrive by 7:00, where we start normal morning chores: feed, hay, clean stalls. Daytona wears the Activo-Med blanket first thing every morning, so we get that on her and started while she eats. With four horses and two people the chores go quickly.

Between Cornelia and her groom Claire, chores speed by! Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

By 8:00, I am normally getting on my first ride of the day, which is typically Daytona. I always try to ride her first, as she is my best horse and we both prefer to start our day that way. She goes outside after she’s done being ridden, around 9:00. While I ride Daytona, Claire turns the other horses out and gets the next one ready for me.

Best way to kick off the day with your top horse. Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

From 9:00 to 1:00 I ride the rest of the horses. They come in to get worked and then normally go back outside until 2/2:30 when we bring them in for the night.

Currently based with McNab Eventing, Cornelia and her horses are enjoying a facility with amenities specific to training. Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

By 3:00 it’s time for afternoon chores: clean stalls and feed hay.

Settled in for the night, the horses enjoy roomy boxes. Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

Around 4:30, Daytona either goes on the treadmill or gets hand walked, depending on what she did with her ride that day. By 5:00, we’re feeding for the evening, and by 7:00 we’re all finished at the barn and I’m heading to the gym to finish my day. I alternate between yoga, abs, and weight lifting.

The feed room at McNab Eventing. Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

Both horse and rider fitness is important! Spending time in the gym, Cornelia makes sure to put the work in. Photo by Cornelia Dorr.

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