I’ve been enjoying following Elisa Wallace’s vlog for a few years now, as there is never an absence of new material that is both entertaining and educational. Her latest Thoroughbred project, Dobby (love the name), is just learning to work under tack, and Elisa has brought us along for the ride as she works to teach Dobby the ropes.

ICYMI, here’s part one:

Dobby is three this year, and he’s been with Elisa since he was a yearling, so it’s safe to say he already knows her language and communication style quite well. But training young horses is always a challenge that requires patience, and it’s really interesting to see how Elisa tackles the next task: riding under saddle.

Patience is paramount with any horse, but Elisa shows us how she’s able to make progress at the horse’s pace, setting him up for success with positive experiences and using confident horses as fellow educators.

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