Ever wonder what its like to be a manager at a horse stable? Follow along with me as we take care of and manage over 21 Horses! And 2 Miniature Donkeys.

My name is Joel, I work and manage Sunny Knoll Stables located in North Eastern Pennsylvania. There’s always something happening as we do our best to take care of these beautiful animals. Between the weather and everyday shenanigan’s, who knows what is going to happen next!

Today we have a heat wave. Ensuring the horses in our care are safe is extremely important. How do we keep them healthy? Time to find out.

We are also employing new ways to inspect and manage how our horses are doing.

#Horses #AStableLife #HeatWave #Drone

Introduction 00:00
Morning Feeding 02:49
Turn In 05:34
Donkey Time 08:18
Daily Care 09:41
Turnout 13:48
Checking For Problems 15:35
Changes For Feed? 20:49

Date Recorded: July 23 2022

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