Photo via Full Moon Farm on Instagram.

Time to dig that Hawaiian shirt out from the back of your closet (or hula skirt, or lei, or whatever you feel moved by the beachy spirit to wear) … it’s Full Moon Farm Aloha H.T. week! Volunteers will get a front-row seat to the action, so head on over to to get signed up for a shift.

As always, you can earn merit points when you donate your time through the USEA’s Volunteer Incentive Program. Registering to volunteer through makes it easy and seamless to both find a job and shift as well as learn what your role will entail.

USEA Events

Course Brook Farm Summer H.T. – July 22nd to July 24th, 2022

Full Moon Farm Aloha Horse Trials – July 24th, 2022

Other Events

Barnstaple South Schooling Show – July 23rd, 2022 to July 24th, 2022

Horse Show Log Book

Horse Show Logbook

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