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today in ADOPT ME ROBLOX, i explored the NEW UDPATE with the legendary WINGED HORSE pet and the rare IBEX pet! trading 9 of these NEW ROBUX pets, we see what people would offer and what they’re worth in a rich trading server! let me know what you want to see next, lucky charms! lava you xo

My new song “i know that you do (lucky)” is HEREEEE!
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Jaci Butler – Jaci Butler – Color Me You (Official Music Video)


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Jaci Butler is a singer, songwriter, creator, and all-around goof ball and nerd! When she’s not on her main channel vlogging, singing, or doing challenges with friends, you can find her HERE on her second channel playing fun games including ADOPT ME ROBLOX, FORTNITE CREATIVE, and MORE!

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