Will shares his story about a special horse that saved his life.

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Six years ago, Will tripped and fell – causing a traumatic brain injury and a really difficult condition called CRPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He had to re-learn how to walk, and he had to use a wheelchair, walker, crutches and cane.

When Will went back to school after his injury, his classmates teased him for his disability. People who he thought were his friends would make fun of him and he felt extremely alone. He felt like no one had his back.

Will started hating himself and developed severe depression. As a result, he started to make the wrong choices. He began hanging out with the wrong people, experimenting with drugs and getting in trouble. He started getting into fights at school, and eventually he was expelled. Will was struggling, and he had to find something positive in his life to make a change.

Eventually, Will found a new school to go to, and the school offered an off campus working program. He was given the opportunity to work at Access Equestrian – a therapeutic horse barn where everyone was extremely nice and welcoming.

While he was there, Will met an incredible horse named Two Socks. Two Socks was so beautiful, and he had the deepest, warmest eyes. Will instantly felt connected to Two Socks. Two Socks made Will feel grounded – like he had real purpose in life.

With Two Socks’ help, Will was able to change. He started to open up to people, and he even sought out therapy. Will started to change his life and abandon all his old ways – all because of one special horse.

Tragically, Two Socks left Will this year. However, even though Will is so sad that Two Socks is gone, he will never forget what he did for him. He is a stronger person today because of Two Socks, and he can confidentially say to himself, “A Horse Saved My Life.”

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