There are five of the first groundwork exercises I do with all horses. The sixth one I would have included was flexing… maybe in another video!

I use these exercises for all horses from mustangs to seasoned show horses needing a refresher to green horses and everything in-between. Yielding the HQ, moving the shoulder, the backup, sending, and poll releases. I talk about the importance of when to add pressure and take it away. The importance of relaxation with the release is something newer to how I practice, but it has made such a difference! Hopefully this video shows you the “how”, “what to look for”, and “why”.

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Hey! My name is Sam and I enjoy making content of all my horse adventures and sharing some training tips to help others understand horses a little better. I enjoy competing in Extreme Mustang Makeovers and traveling cross-country with my horses and teaching clinics! I love interacting with all of you so feel free to leave me a comment or message me on Instagram 🙂
Re-occurring Horses (Personal + Current Training)
Stargazer- 9yo 15.2hh pinto gelding BLM Mustang (Onaqui UT)
Nora- 4yo 14.1hh grey mare BLM Mustang (Onaqui UT)
Lynx- 8yo 14.2hh grey gelding BLM Mustang (Wood Hills NV)
Calliope- 17yo 16hh pinto mare Draft X (PMU foal)