A closer look at a Western themed event in Malibu, premiering the Outer Range.

Several weeks ago Adam and I attended a screening for Prime Video’s new series, the Outer Range. The season is filled with twists and turns along the way. Based on a Wyoming ranch, a man fighting to keep his land makes a mysterious discovery – it will keep you at the edge of your seats, no spoilers here! We watched the first two episodes in Malibu and the final is Friday, May 6th. Adam and I have been holding off watching the rest of the episodes so we can binge the series all at once.

Watch episode 1 of Outer Range here > 

Cheers to a fun date night! I wore my trusty Planet Cowboy boots and floral horse print tunic from Rönner Design. I was even more thrilled when there were some horses to pet and take photos with.

Adam and I enjoyed a night off and ran into a couple of Instagram friends, Chloe and Celine. It’s always fun meeting online friends in real life. In fact, Chloe and I went riding recently and Fira met Striker, her adorable polo pony.

Here I am in the tent having my aura read by Halo Auragraphic. An aura reading takes a photo of you and your energy is represented with different colors. It was so much fun to have this reading, learning about my colors and their meanings.

Malibu, you are always so gorgeous! We had a wonderful evening with delicious food, cocktails and a magical environment.

We sat on straw bales and watched the show under the stars with snacks. Thank you to Prime Video for inviting me to such a fun event and for all of the goodies. They know how to throw a perfect party. I can’t wait to binge the rest of Outer Range over the weekend and I hope you check it out too.

Watch episode 1 of Outer Range here > 

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