As mother’s day is just around the corner, it is time to give your mom a big surprise in the form of these gifts that are not too expensive and will make her feel special too. The day to celebrate motherhood and thank your mom for everything she has done is just here! Mother’s Day is just another day to showcase to your mother how much you love and respect her and to show how much she means to you. You might have already planned how you would celebrate this special day with your mom. You can cook her special meal, help her out in the kitchen or in household chores or simply, buy her a gift. And if gifting is your cup of tea, then you can take help from the list of mother’s day gifts we have curated for you:

Saree for the ethnic-lover Mom

If you want to gift your mother a subtle and elegant gift, then gift her a saree.

Jewellery for the office-going mom

The next gift in our list of mother’s day gift ideas would be jewellery that is every lady’s favorite.

Check out jewellery for your mom here

Skincare kit for a beauty freak Mom

If your mom is a skincare freak, then a skin care kit would be an ideal gift for your mom.

Check out skincare kits for your mom here


Ladies have a special love affair with perfumes. A perfume speaks a lot about your personality and is something that your mom would love to wear as well.

Check out  perfumes for your mom here

An inspirational book for a book lover

If your mom is a bookworm and she loves to dwell in the bed reading a book, an inspirational book is what you should buy for her.

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