Pregnancy is one of the most important things for a couple. If you are trying to conceive, you might have bought a pregnancy test to find out whether you are pregnant. But with pregnancy test kits, there are risks sometimes; it can be false negative or false positive. So, to be sure from your end that you have read the pregnancy test right or you have correctly taken the test. The pregnancy test generally comes with booklets that have instructions and information on using the pregnancy test.

How do pregnancy test kits work?

– The pregnancy test looks for the hormone called Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your urination. This hormone is produced by your body only when your eggs are fertilized and when the fertilized egg gets attached to your uterus lining.

You can make sure to get a 100% accurate result by buying a good pregnancy test that is known for its accuracy. Below are some of the brands from which you can buy a pregnancy test –

  1. In India, one of the most famous brands is Prega News, and we are sure you have heard of this brand if you are looking out for Prega News. It gives the result in Just 5minute.
  2. I-Can pregnancy test kit.
  3. Velocity pregnancy test kit.
  4. First response test kit, etc. There are many more brands you can talk to your doctor about, and they may recommend you better.

Even if you buy a pregnancy test kit and do not clearly understand the instructions, here are simple ways you need to follow which are some universal steps for many pregnancy kits –

  1. Whenever you miss a period, the first thing you may remember to do is to take a pregnancy test, but it is recommended that you use your first urination in the morning for the pregnancy test. You will need to pee on a stick or in a disposable cup ( If you have the dip the stick type of pregnancy kit).
  2. Set a timer on your phone according to what time is written in the pregnancy kit, such as prega news gives a result in 5min.
  3. Once your timer goes off, it is time to ready the results, and you have the news.

Many women may be confused about how to read the tests and what the line indicates. In addition, every test kit may work differently, so you should read the test kit’s instructions, ask the salesperson in the medical shop about it, or just call your doctor or somebody who has already used the kit. In the 21st century, you also have the option to buy a digital test kit that mentions the word ‘Pregnant’ if you are and ‘Not pregnant’ if you aren’t.

But many pregnancy kits work on the line formulas, and here is how to read them –

  1. One-Line means that the result is negative, and hence you are not pregnant.
  2. Two lines mean positive, and hence you are pregnant.
  3. No lines mean that the test didn’t work, or maybe you are looking for the results before time wait for a few more seconds, and then you can conclude that the test didn’t work.

If the test is negative, there is nothing to worry about; you just have to trust the process and keep trying to conceive. And if you are positive, your next step should be to consult your doctor, and from then on, you can start your pregnancy journey.


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