If you feel like your infant does not need breast milk now as they are more than six months, you can think about stopping breastfeeding. Even If you have never breastfed and want to stop the milk supply from your breast or want to dry up the milk after being pregnant, then there are a few steps that you can follow. Whatever decision you take should be yours, and we have got the steps you need to follow.

Here are ten simple steps which you can follow if you want to stop breastfeeding.

  • Give yourself some time

Weaning or stopping breastfeeding is not something which you can achieve in 1 day or a week. You need to give yourself time and your baby the time to adjust and be ready for any problems. Do not lose calm if the process is not as fast as you expected. Remember to stop breastfeeding only when you don’t have anything major going on in your life or any changes in your infant’s body or lifestyle.

  • Seek symptoms from your baby

Your baby will send you signals or show symptoms showing that they are ready to wean off the breast milk and ready for other baby food. Such as while breastfeeding, they will keep their head in the upright position, or they may get irritated during the breastfeeding sessions.

  • Do not hurry

During the whole procedure of stopping breastfeeding, you want to ease out everything and do not haste. In the early stage, you can start by just canceling out one breastfeeding session per day so your baby does not get cranky often. If you do not hurry, your body will start noticing the changes, and your milk supply will decrease gradually.

  • Comfort

When you stop breastfeeding, the major thing which you and your baby will miss is the physical connection and comfort you had during the breastfeeding sessions. Do not forget to snuggle and cuddle your infant even when you stop breastfeeding so that you both maintain the connection.

  • Notice your infant’s action

Do not breastfeed your child according to when you want but instead breastfeed when your child shows expressions of interest in the breastmilk. This method is also called baby-led weaning.

  • Change your routine

Give your baby milk in bottles or cups and ask different people to feed them with bottles and cups. Feed your baby in different places of the house. Your baby will start noticing the changes and may adapt to them sooner or later.

  • Do not give up

It is possible that your baby resists weaning, but instead of giving up, you need to be strong. Your baby will cry for 2 3 days for the breastfeeding but then eventually will start eating other liquid and solid baby food.

  • Take care of yourself

When you stop breastfeeding, it is not your baby only suffers but you as well. You will feel many symptoms that you once felt when you started breastfeeding, such as breast engorgement. You can take care of your engorgement in many ways. You can use ice packs or ask your doctor for treatment.

  • Midway

Yes, you can opt for partial breastfeeding. In this, you can feed your child both breastfed milk and formula milk. Or you can breastfeed your baby in the morning and give them formula milk at night and vice versa.

  • Ups and down

Stopping breastfeeding is a ride for emotions as well. You will feel anger, anxiety, or happiness. But eventually, your body will adjust, and you will know how to control your emotions.

These were some steps to stop breastfeeding.

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