If you are in your last term of pregnancy, you might be weighing your option on whether you want to have a normal delivery or a C section. With the increasing technologies, women have options to choose from their delivery types. Other than normal delivery or c section, there are a few more options such as induction birth, water birth, etc.

The most famous and most chosen ones are Normal delivery and C section. Your gynecologist can recommend the best type of delivery for you seeing your pregnancy journey and what will be best according to your pregnancy conditions.

As a pregnant woman, you might want to know the difference between normal delivery and C section because, in the end, the only thing that matters is the health of you and your baby.

In this article, we have provided the difference between Normal delivery and the C section.


Normal Delivery

C section

1.     Delivery

Normal delivery is when you do not plan anything, and you know it is time to deliver your baby when your water breaks. After which, you get contractions and labor pains. As the baby’s head starts emerging, after which the baby’s head will be rotated a quarter of a turn to match with the baby’s body, which will continue to stay inside you. To deliver the shoulders, you’ll be requested to start pressing again. Once the shoulders are out, there will be a few more pushes, and you will have your baby. Though this is a basic method, all women have their own normal delivery experience. C-section delivery is done when generally the mother or the baby is facing certain complications, and a normal delivery is not recommended. Some women also plan c section delivery. Your abdomen will be cleaned before surgery, and you will be prepared to receive intravenous (IV) fluids through your arm. After which, you will be given anesthesia to numb your lower part. An incision will be made just above the pelvic hairline by your doctor. Normally, this is horizontal across the pelvis. In the event of an emergency, the incision may be vertical. Next, your doctor will make an incision into your uterus after the incision into your abdomen has been made, and the uterus has been revealed. You won’t be able to see the procedure because this area will be covered during the treatment. After the second incision, your new baby will be delivered from your uterus.

2.     Risks

Though it is one of the oldest and most common birth delivery methods, it does have its risks. One of the major risks is the pain you feel. In addition, you can have heavy blood loss, problems with the umbilical cord, etc. In a normal delivery, you have to take the risk that you need to be open to the idea of c section delivery in an emergency. There can be a lot of risks during the c section, such as bleeding, infection, injury to the infant while surgery, surgical injury to the mother’s organ, and many more.

3.     Recovery

You may get discharged from the hospital from 24 hours to 48 hours. But you will fully recover in 3 to 6 weeks. In the C section, the discharge takes a long time from what is in normal delivery. You may get discharged in 2 to 4 days and have to take huge care of stitches and the wound. In the c section, you need at least six weeks to recover.

4.     Cost

Normal delivery will cost you around 20 to 30 thousand. A c Section delivery may cost differently in every hospital. However, the average cost can be around 80 to 90 thousand.


These were some of the differences between Normal delivery and the C section. A pregnant woman is always recommended for Normal delivery because it has lower risks than the c section if she doesn’t have any medical complications. However, if you have pregnancy complications, your doctor may recommend you go with a C section.

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