Lots of celebrity moms go out on the town and party with their famous kids and be their teen’s best friend. But while some teens might think it sounds really cool that a mom would party with them, most young people say they don’t want their parents acting like they do.

Some parents believe they need to become their teen’s best friend in order to navigate the teen years.

Many parents believe that teenagers know enough to make good decisions with little or no guidance from their parents. However, brain research has shown strong evidence that when it comes to maturity, control and organization, that’s just not the case. In reality, all key parts of the brain related to emotions, judgment and thinking ahead don’t finish forming until the mid-20s. This means teens definitely need their parents actively involved in their lives.

Sometimes as the parent you have to make decisions that will not be popular with your teen, but are in their best interest.

Here are some tips that will help you to become your kid’s friend and stay well-informed about all that is going on in their daily life.

Be transparent and practise what you preach

Parents, undoubtedly, are a child’s first teacher. Practising what you preach will definitely help to set the right examples for them. Be transparent and accept your faults and mistakes in front of them. They would grow up learning this trait for you and in fact, they would respect you for your honesty. Encourage a healthy environment in the house where every member of the family can confess their mistakes without the fear of being ridiculed, and this would in turn help your teenage kid to open up whenever he or she needs guidance.

Give them the freedom to explore

Setting rigid rules for everything and asking questions that sound more like an interrogation will make your child, especially teenagers, feel unreasonably dominated, and they might even turn rebellious. Give the young ones space to grow and explore things on their own. Express your concerns and ask questions in a friendly manner. It would make them receptive and understand you better.

​Spend quality time together

Needless to say, spending quality time with your children will help you to build a friendly equation with them. Take them out for movies, short trips, museums, shopping, workshops, et al, and engage in activities like cooking, gardening, cycling, swimming etc. together. It would give you time to bond, hold meaningful conversations, explore common areas of interest and create beautiful memories that would last forever.

Listen to their problems and do NOT lecture them

Even if you disagree with their opinions or the way they handle a situation, do not reprimand or lecture them immediately. Listen to what they have to share and appreciate them for reaching out to you. Ask them the desirable outcome they are expecting from the situation and guide them accordingly. Do not force your decision on them, and try to show them the logical side of your advice. If they do not disagree, let them learn from their own mistake and encourage them to take better, informed decisions from the next time.

Build Trust

Build trust with your children from a young age so that they can share their deepest secrets and inhibitions with you without the fear of being judged or misunderstood, especially during teenage. In fact, trust is the foundation of any parents-children relationship and let them be confident that their parents would never spill their secrets to anyone.

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