The winter is an optimal time to spend some time learning before competitions fill the schedule, and the newly-formed US Eventing Grooms Association (USEGA) and Eventing Riders Association have teamed up to offer grooming, care, and management seminars in Ocala. The series began earlier this month with sessions on show jumping course design/walking, clipping, icing, braiding, and other useful topics for eventers (or, really, riders of any background) and continues into February with topics including nutrition and massage therapy.

Below you’ll find the upcoming schedule and locations of the next seminars (note: while these sessions are hosted in Ocala, the organizers will post live streams when possible on social media and video content post-seminar):

These sessions are offered free of charge to attendees — if you’d like to support this program, organizers are encouraging donations to the USEA Foundation for the Liz Cochrane Memorial Grooms Award. You can join this private Facebook group for more updates on this series.

Want to see what’s been discussed so far? Keep scrolling:

Course Design 101 with Chris Barnard: Why design from Advanced down?

Forelock Braiding 101: The legend herself, Max Corcoran, shows us how:

Icing 101: Why ice young horses?

Be sure to follow USEGA on Instagram for more updates.

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