Wow what a great start to the 2022 Hallmark Farm XC Derby Day Championship Series.

185 horses out the start box!!
And we ran bang on time.
Huge thank you to our starters
Karen Rose @dougle rose
Finishers Bob Shaeffer @lyndle clark

All my amazing jump judges
Peter Cheryl
Nisha Crust
Fran Pagay Doerflinger
Lisa Stuart

@Hayley Douglas
My chief scorer
Janeth Flowers and super groom Kelly Breuls for both riding and stewarding the warm up and keeping the riders to the starters to keep us on time !! Huge job thank you.

Mitchell for manning the gate.

@eventmedical for your support.

@ little cafe for feeding the masses

And of course James for the running commentary all day long!

And we couldn’t do any of this without the support of my super generous and wonderful sponsors.

Your support is nothing short of exceptional.

And to everyone who enters and has a great day.

See you all Feb 20th!!

For now just enjoy sit back and enjoy Clancy😍


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Posted by Megan Jones on Sunday, January 30, 2022

While those of us up here in the Northern Hemisphere are trudging through the doldrums of winter, event season in Australia is just getting started. Yesterday, Olympian Megan Jones hosted a cross country derby open to all ages and levels at her and husband James Deacon’s Hallmark Farm in South Australia.

The competition attracted one particularly eager and excited young eventer: Clancy and his pony, Oscar. Enjoy this post-ride interview with Clancy, a few pictures, and a quick clip of their round.

May we all greet the week with the energy and excitement that young Clancy brings to his endeavors.

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